Humanitarian Mobility International

Humanitarian Mobility International: Helping Move People Everywhere

Who are we?

Humanitarian Mobility International (HMI) is a registered charity based in Ottawa, Canada.

Our Mandate

As a charity organization, our mandate is to provide medical mobility equipment to those who need it the most, wherever they may be geographically.

Our Goal

As a humanitarian agency, we aim to educate and bring awareness to mobility issues and to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve.

6th Anniversary

HMI is 6

Celebrating 6 years of moving people everywhere!

On August 8th, Humanitarian Mobility International (HMI) celebrates 6 years of helping people around the world obtain much needed access to mobility equipment. Since its inception in 2007, HMI has grown from the brainchild of an ambitious group of students into a driving force of change for disabled victims of natural disaster and conflict. Working simultaneously to promote mobility rights within Canada and empower millions worldwide, HMI is miles from where it started, without ever having strayed far from where it all began.

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Chair Leaders Event

Chair Leaders

Chair Leaders Campaign

On May 7th, come join Humanitarian Mobility International (HMI) on Parliament Hill for our annual Chair Leaders Event. In partnership with Spinal Cord Injury Canada (SCIS) and parliamentarians, this annual fundraising campaign will raise awareness for the needs of the physically disabled and their daily accessibility issues. Everyone is welcome to come show support and help raise awareness. HMI will be providing 15 wheelchairs for Members of Parliament and thee Senate to experience a day in the life of those who are physically disabled. Participants from across the nation will gather on Parliament Hill to experience first-hand the daily obstacles of accessibility for the physically disabled. This year, our goal is to recognize and celebrate ability, rather than obstacles.Please come out to support our event on May 7th on Parliament Hill!If you support our cause, please like us on Facebook, or make a donation to support our work.

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